Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge

Connecting Minto-Brown Island and Riverfront Park
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In 2008, a concept-design study considered several Bridge design options. In October 2010, Salem City Council approved a tied arch Bridge design concept with a 14 foot wide deck. In 2011, an agreement was reached to secure access across the Willamette Slough. In 2012, OBEC was hired to oversee final design, engineering, and permitting of the Bridge and connecting Trail on Minto Island. In January 2014 , the last funding needed for the Minto Bridge and Trail was committed. In March 2014, the project reached 100 percent design. In August 2014, Salem obtained the last of 15 permits needed for the project. In January 2015, following a solicitation of bids, a recommendation to award was issued for Legacy Construction.

The Minto Bridge and Trail are an adopted FY 13-15 Salem City Council goal and it is identified in several supporting plans and policies, including the Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal Area Plan, South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area Plan, Comprehensive Park System Master Plan, and the Salem Transportation System Plan (TSP).

Funding for the bridge and trail came from multiple sources, including the city of Salem, ODOT, and the SKATS MPO.

Detailed information about the project, include project updates and a web-cam of the construction, can be found at the city of Salem’s Minto Brown webpage