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Transportation Studies

Study to locate and design a transit center in south Salem. The site selection process will be restarted in the Fall of 2019.

Cherriots is replacing bus shelters and modifying the bus stops to be ADA compliant and more comfortable. Anticipated completion is the end of calendar year 2016.

Addressing safety issues along OR 22W from Doaks Ferry Rd to OR 51 (Independece Highway), including selecting funding options for backage roads to OR 22W.

Completed in Fall 2019

Study of Willamette River bridge crossing alternatives in Salem, including development of a Environmental Impact Statement. The Final EIS and Record of Decision has been completed and is available.

Completed in Fall 2019

The Keizer Revitalization Plan will target reinvestment and set new standards for development along Keizer’s central commercial spine.

This study will analyze the existing structures of the Center Street Bridge for seismic vulnerability. A general plan and cost estimate will be prepared for the identified seismic retrofits to ensure the bridge remains a functional crossing of the Willamette River.

Project runs from Fall 2015 until 2017 to develop recommendations along the State Street corridor between 12th and 25th Streets.

Completed in 2017

Study to address safety and capacity issues along OR 22E from 25th St SE to Joseph St SE. The OR 22E Final Report (PDF) is available. June 2017

Completed in Winter 2015

The focus of this project is to improve the visual character and functionality of the circulation system within the project area and to strengthen the district’s identity, character, economic vitality, and marketability.

OR 22W Expressway Management Plan
Completed in 2010

The OR 22W Expressway Management Plan (PDF), covering from Greenburg Road to Doaks Ferry Road is available. This was adopted by Polk County in March 2010. See also the Doaks Ferry Road Realignment Project

Chemawa I-5 IAMP
Completed in 2009

Interchange Area Management Plan for the Chemawa Road at I-5 interchange. Adopted by Keizer City Council in 2014 and Salem City Council in 2016. To the OTC in 2019.