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SKATS FY 2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program

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SKATS FY 2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Project Evaluation

The Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Salem-Keizer-Turner area, received 17 applications for the (FY) 2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) requesting a total of $50.2 million in federal funds.  Several of the requests were for additional funding for projects that are currently in the TIP.  In addition, there are several programs that receive continued funding through the MPO.  The Technical Advisory Committee evaluated the proposed projects for how well they meet they goals of the adopted Regional Transportation Systems Plan ( 2019-2043 Regional Transportation Systems Plan (RTSP ) and developed a prioritized list of projects.  Project requests that completed current projects were generally at the top of the prioritized list.  Due to escalating project costs, most of the available funding would be used to cover existing programs and cost overruns on current projects.  Therefore, the Policy Committee directed staff to proceed with preparing the Draft SKATS FY 2024-2029 TIP without including any new SKATS funded projects.  If the financial situation improves, the projects on the prioritized list will be reconsidered.

Full applications are available by project (in no particular order) [as PDFs].


Connecticut Ave: Macleay Rd to Rickey St

State St: 4106 State St to 46th Ave

Delaney Rd: Battle Creek Bridge

Commercial Street SE: Vista to Ratcliff

Wheatland Road Multi-Modal Improvement Project

Delaney Road Street Improvements

Motor Pool Vehicle Replacement (SAMTD)

Paratransit Vehicle Replacement (SAMTD)

East Salem Transit Center (SAMTD)

South Salem Transit Center Land and Construction

Lancaster Drive: Monroe Avenue to State Street Improvements

State Street: 46th Avenue to Cordon Road

River Road NE and Brooklake NE Intersection Feasibility Study

River Rd S: Overheight Truck Detection and Turn-Arounds

Center St. NE North Side Improvements (45th Pl. NE to Cordon Rd NE)

McGilchrist Street SE: Phase 2, Ford to 25th

McGilchrist Street SE: Phase 3, 16th to 19th

An interactive map is available to view the projects and provide comments of the proposed applications.

Final adoption of the TIP is expected by May 2023. For further information on the Transportation Improvement Program and the project selection process, or if you have any questions on the eligibility of a project or applicant, please contact Karen Odenthal at 503-540-1608 or


  • October 1, 2021 Kickoff of MTIP Update
  • October-November 2021 Review Evaluation Criteria (TAC and PC)
  • December 1, 2021 Pre-Applications due
  • February 25, 2022 Full Applications due
  • March 2022 – April 2022 Public Input (Ongoing)
  • June – August 2022 Discuss/Modify TAC recommendation, select preferred project list and direct staff to prepare Draft TIP and AQCD (Policy Committee)
  • February/March 2023 Release Draft TIP and AQCD for Public Review (Policy Committee)
  • March-April 2023 30-day Public Review period
  • May 23, 2023 Public Hearing and Decision (Policy Committee)
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