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Update to the SKATS Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Photo of the streetscape looking toward the River Rd N at Lockhaven intersection showing vehicles, a bicyclist and person waiting for transit.
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The process to update the SKATS Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) begins in January 2022 and runs until the scheduled adoption at the May 23, 2023 SKATS Policy Committee meeting. The MTP provides a guide for maintaining and improving the current transportation system and identifies priority transportation investments. (Note: The MTP was formerly referred to as as the Regional Transportation Systems Plan or RTSP).

Now available on the MTP Update page is the schedule of events current planned to take place during the update. Check back, as new content will be added as chapters are reviewed, the project list is prepared for evaluation, and when the draft document is available for review in March 2023.

Public input is an important part of the update process, and the schedule identifies some of the times when public comment is solicited. Additional events will take place in the upcoming months, and announcements will be made on this website and via email lists and social media. If you would like to sign-up to the SKATS email list please contact Lori Moore

For more information on the SKATS RTSP or the update process, contact Ray Jackson at 503 540 1607 or

(January 26, 2022)