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The Mid-Willamette Valley Area Commission on Transportation (MWACT) was created in 1997. MWACT was the first area commission chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC). MWACT’s boundary includes Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties.  These three counties, and the cities and transportation stakeholders contained therein, face many similar transportation issues.  Among these issues are regional travel to and through the area (including congestion on major highways), transportation and traffic safety, and provision of alternate modes of transportation. 

Staffing for MWACT is provided by ODOT Region 2 Transportation planners and MWVCOG transportation planners.

MWACT meetings are held at the MWVCOG conference room on the first Thursday of the month, unless the meeting is cancelled for that month.  Meeting agendas and materials are posted on ODOT’s website for MWACT one week before the meeting.  ODOT’s webpage also contains MWACT’s charter and biennial report, representation on MWACT, contact information, and past meeting agendas and meeting summaries.  

MWACT agendas are also posted on the MWACT documents page on the MWVCOG website.  Agendas from the current year may be accessed through the links below.

MWACT Mission

  • To provide a forum for the discussion and coordination of long-range transportation issues affecting the area’s livability.
  • To prioritize state transportation infrastructure and capital investments through the development of an implementation strategy based on transportation plans related to the Mid-Willamette Valley area.
  • To advocate Mid-Willamette Area transportation issues to neighboring regions and other outside organizations.
  • To advise the Oregon Transportation Commission on state and regional policies affecting the Area’s transportation system.

OR99E Safety Study