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Image of the ArcGIS page for transportation projects in SKATS

Interactive map to explore the projects that are underway or completed as of 2019. June 2019.

Interactive map to explore the projects included in RTSP for the years 2019-2043, 2015-2035 and 2011-2035 at the time of adoption. June 2019.

Link to projects in the SKATS TIP

These are static maps used as part of each TIP update. The maps show the projects included in the FY 2021-2026, FY 2018-2023, FY 2012-2017 and FY 2015-2020 TIPs at the time of adoption. Summer 2020.

Image for the link to the online map of SKATS projects

Link to an interactive map of the projects that have been, or will be, constructed in the Salem-Keizer area. June 2017.

Image of the Crash QuickFacts Dashboard

Link to the SKATS Crash QuickFacts interactive page. Presents information on crashes from 2007 through 2020 in the SKATS area. Summer 2022

Interactive map showing the type and location of pedestrian, bike and motorized safety projects completed in the Salem-Keizer area. October 2020.

New Sidewalk

SKATS staff completed an inventory of sidewalk availability along regional corridors in 2020. This data will be updated periodically. December 2020.

SKATS staff completed an inventory of bike facilities along regional corridors in 2021. This data will be updated periodically. May 2021.

Image for the bike map for the Salem area

Map of bicycling routes in Salem-Keizer and three county area (Marion, Polk and Yamhill). Downloads as a PDF. September 2017.

Image for the link to the online biking map

Link to an online version of the “Bicycling in the Mid-Willamette Valley” map. Mobile friendly. June 2017.

Link to interactive map of unfunded transportation projects within MWACT

Interactive map of the unfunded projects (as of 2015) within the MWACT area.

Link to Housing Permit maps

Housing permits from 1998 to 2021.
July 2022.

Image with population statistics for Salem, Oregon

Link which provides a snapshot of Salem using a variety of data sources.

Interactive website to explore socio-demographic data

Link to the Social Explorer website. Free and paid options available.

screen capture of FHWA HEPGIS website showing the National Highway System in the Northwest

Link to FHWA’s GIS webpage that contains information on the operations of the nation’s highways.

Screen capture of ODOT's TransGIS website showing the highways and roads in Salem area.

Link to ODOT’s TransGIS website containing information on the highways and roads within Oregon.

An interactive map allowing multiple demographic features to be displayed on and off, with the most recent census data.