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RTSP Project List

Project List for the SKATS 2019 – 2043 RTSP

SponsorCategoryRTSP KeyProject NameDescriptionLocationProject TypeCost ($)YoE Cost ($)
City of KeizerCommittedK012Verda Ln NE: Dearborn Av NE to Southern City LimitsWiden to 3 lanes, add bike lanes and sidewalksVerda Ln NE from Dearborn Dr NE to Keizer's southern city limitsRoads-Bridges$2,666,000$3,012,276
City of KeizerIncludedK002Chemawa InterchangeAdd eastbound dual right-turn lanes to southbound ramp. Add westbound dual left-turn lanes to southbound ramp. Add southbound receiving lane to ramp.Chemawa Interchange with I-5Roads-Bridges$550,000$567,050
City of KeizerIncludedK011Verda Ln NE: Chemawa Rd NE to Dearborn Av NEWiden to 3 lanes, add bike lanes and sidewalksVerda Ln NE from Dearborn Dr NE to Chemawa Rd NERoads-Bridges$2,200,000$3,173,413
City of KeizerIncludedK015Wheatland Rd N: River Rd N to north City LimitsWiden road to allow for continuous bike lanes, construct separated sidewalks, rain gardens and landscaping. Project is currently (2018) being planned after revising scope. Cost and year are placeholders.Wheatland Rd N from River Rd N to north City LimitsBicycle-Pedestrian$2,000,000$2,191,826
City of KeizerIncludedK019Lockhaven Dr @ 14th Av - Turn lanesConstruct a westbound right-turn lane on Lockhaven Dr; modify norhtbound approach (Kafir Dr) and southbound approach (14th Av) to include separate left-turn lane and shared right-turn/through lane.Lockhaven Dr @ 14th AvRoads-Bridges$383,373$420,143
City of KeizerIncludedK020Wheatland Rd / River Rd IntersectionAdd second northbound left-turn lane and protected left-turn signal phase. Lengthen outside southbound through lane.Wheatland Rd @ River RdRoads-Bridges$1,100,000$1,321,127
City of KeizerIncludedK021River Rd at Manzanita St Intersection RealignmentMove intersection approximately 250 feet to the south. Reconstruct McNary Estates Dr and Manzanita St approaches. Construct separate westbound through and right-turn lanes.River Rd at Manzanita St and McNary Estates DrRoads-Bridges$2,700,000$2,783,700
City of KeizerIncludedK022Verda Ln ExtensionExtend Verda Ln from Lockhaven Dr to River Rd. Construct with sidewalks, gutters and bike lanes. Connects to the revised River Rd / Manzanita St intersection (K021), and revised Lockhaven Dr / Verda Ln intersection (K023).Verda Ln from Lockhaven Dr to River Rd.Roads-Bridges$2,075,000$2,492,127
City of KeizerIncludedK023Lockhaven Dr / Verda Ln IntersectionSignalize the intersection of Lockhaven Dr and Verda Ln. Restrict north/south through movements on Verda Ln at Lockhaven Dr. Develop in conjunction with the Verda Ln extension (K022).Lockhaven Dr at Verda LnRoads-Bridges$400,000$480,410
City of KeizerIncludedK024River Rd at Lockhaven Dr Intersection ModificationsConvert westbound approach to dual left-turn lanes, a single through lane, and a separate right-turn lane. Convert east/west split phasing to a more conventional protected left-turn phasing. Upon redevelopment of adjacent properties, implement access manaRiver Rd at Lockhaven DrRoads-Bridges$500,000$500,000
City of SalemCommittedS295Fisher Road ExtensionExtend Fisher Road from current southern terminus to Market Street, connecting at signal serving Fred Meyer's.Fisher Road NE at Market Street NERoads-Bridges$1,140,000$1,175,340
City of SalemCommittedS330Liberty St SE at Ferry St SE Intersection ModificationsExtend curb on southwest corner by approximately one lane to shorten pedestrian crossing distance (results in reduction from four to three receiving lanes on west leg). From the Central Salem Mobility Study (2012).Liberty St SE at Ferry St SERoads-Bridges$120,000$120,000
City of SalemCommittedS347Union St Bikeway: Phase 1BPhase 1B includes curb extensions at the intersection of Liberty St NE and Union St NE, and the design and construction of enhanced bicycle facilities on Union St NE between Commercial St NE and Winter St NE. See also S298, S311, and S336.Union St NE between Commercial St NE and Winter St NEBicycle-Pedestrian$1,400,000$1,443,400
City of SalemCommittedS34912th St NE Signal ImprovementsThe left turn phasing for the signal at 12 Street NE at Marion Street NE will be updated to include a protected phase. The signals along 12th Street will include coordinated or adaptive signal timing. Identified in ODOT's ARTS project.12th and Marion, Upgrades on 12thITS-Signals$509,500$525,295
City of SalemIncludedS02512th/13th St SE (Mission and Hoyt)Traffic signal upgrade and interconnect (Mission and Hoyt)12th and 13th St SE between Mission St SE and Hoyt St SEITS-Signals$1,150,000$1,381,179
City of SalemIncludedS046Lancaster Dr SE: Hagers Grove Rd SE to Cordon Rd SETraffic signal interconnectLancaster Dr SE from Hagers Grove St SE to Cordon Rd SEITS-Signals$200,000$206,200
City of SalemIncludedS079Commercial SE & Ratcliff Drive SEAdd left-turn lane at Ratcliff Dr and install traffic signal, improving Ratcliff/Salem Hts to collector standardsCommercial St SE at Ratcliff Dr SERoads-Bridges$1,725,000$2,413,428
City of SalemIncludedS085Cordon Rd SE & Hwy 22Construct interchange with recommended signalized intersections and lane configurations. From Cordon Road Interchange Study and the OR 22E Facility Plan.Cordon Rd SE at OR 22ERoads-Bridges$30,000,000$48,894,488
City of SalemIncludedS094Fabry Rd SE: Reed Ln SE to Battle Creek Rd SEExtend Fabry Rd SE eastward from Reed Ln SE to Battle Creek Rd SE. This along with the westward extension of Mildred Ln SE will provide an east/west minor arterial connection south of Kuebler Bv SE from Battle Creek Rd SE to Skyline Rd. Developer fundedFabry Rd SE: Reed Ln SE to Battle Creek Rd SERoads-Bridges$3,930,000$4,051,830
City of SalemIncludedS096Front St N: River Rd N to Norway St NWiden to minor arterial standards, including 2 travel lanes with curbs, gutters, sidewalks and bike lanes, plus left turn lanes at intersections. Realigns the street as depicted in the Salem River Crossing Local Preferred Alternative.Front St N: River Rd N to Norway St NRoads-Bridges$3,650,000$4,383,741
City of SalemIncludedS103Hilfiker Ln SE: Commercial St SE to Pringle Rd SEConstruct extention of Hilfiker Lane SE to Hillrose Street SE and reconstruct both Hilfiker and Hillrose to collector standards, with two travel lanes, turn pockets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and bike lanes.Hilfiker Ln SE from Commercial St SE to Pringle Rd SeRoads-Bridges$3,866,000$4,643,162
City of SalemIncludedS110Kuebler Bv SE: Turner Rd SE to Hwy 22 OverpassWiden to four travel lanes, paved or raised median, bike lanes, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, improvments to the bridge over Mill Creek. Developer funds the NB portion.Kuebler Blvd from Turner Rd SE to Hwy 22 overpassRoads-Bridges$4,920,000$5,909,042
City of SalemIncludedS113Lancaster Dr SE: Cranston St SE to Kuebler Bv SERealign curves and widen to 2 travel lanes plus a center turn lane with curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and bike lanes.Lancaster Dr SE: Cranston St SE to Kuebler Bv SERoads-Bridges$3,146,000$3,664,815
City of SalemIncludedS126McGilchrist St SE: 12th St SE to 25th St SEReconstruct to a 3-lane standard from 12th to 22nd, and to a 4-lane standard (with eastbound lanes) from 22nd the 25th. Add or revise signals at 5 intersections, realign 22nd and widen both 22nd and 25th in the vicinity of McGilchrist. See S316McGilchrist St SE: 12th St SE to 25th St SERoads-Bridges$16,760,000$20,129,176
City of SalemIncludedS153Ten traffic signals at unspecified locations10 signals in years 0 to 10UnspecifiedITS-Signals$3,000,000$4,071,064
City of SalemIncludedS160Wallace Rd NW & Edgewater St NW (BHES)Increase radius of westbound bridge ramp to Wallace Road NW, provide an additional westbound entrance lane from bridge onto Edgewater Road NW, and bridge ramp lanes, and close Musgrave Lane NW. Alternative access would be provided to impacted businesses.Wallace Rd NW at Edgewater Rd NWRoads-Bridges$1,681,000$2,351,868
City of SalemIncludedS188Liberty Rd S & Madrona Av SWiden intersection by adding northbound and southbound pockets on Liberty.Liberty Rd S at Madrona Ave SRoads-Bridges$2,728,000$4,446,139
City of SalemIncludedS197Battle Creek Rd SE: Kuebler Bv SE to Hillrose St SEWiden to minor arterial standards with 2 travel lanes, center turn lane or turn pockets, bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Additional lanes may be required in the vicinity of the Kuebler Bv intersection.Battle Creek Rd SE: Kuebler Bv SE to Hillrose St SERoads-Bridges$6,163,000$9,165,472
City of SalemIncludedS198Reed Rd SE: Battle Creek Rd SE to Strong Rd SEWiden to minor arterial standards with 2 travel lanes, center turn lane or turn pockets, bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Half street modifications to be built by developers as Sustainable Fairview is built-out.Reed Rd SE from Battle Creek Rd SE from Strongl Rd SERoads-Bridges$1,778,000$2,340,236
City of SalemIncludedS274Salem Industrial Dr ImprovementWiden half the street to collector standards, with sidewalks, curbs, gutters and bike lanes where designated.Salem Industrial Dr NE from Cherry Av NE to Bill Frey Dr NERoads-Bridges$3,000,000$3,093,000
City of SalemIncludedS286Cordon Rd: Highway 22 E to Caplinger Rd SEWiden to 4 lanes, plus center turn lane or left turn lanes at selected locations, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and bike lanes.Cordon Rd SE from Highway 22 E to Caplinger Rd SERoads-Bridges$3,390,000$4,889,942
City of SalemIncludedS287Kuebler Blvd SE: I-5 to Turner Rd SEWiden to 4 travel lanes, paved or raised median, bike lanes, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. This project includes turn lanes at Turner Rd SE and bridge modifications over the railroad.Kuebler Blvd SE: I-5 to Turner Rd SERoads-Bridges$13,400,000$18,747,792
City of SalemIncludedS288Hawthorne Ave NE: Silverton Rd NE to Sunnyview Rd NEWiden to 2 travel lanes with center turn lane where needed. Add curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and modify intersection approach to Silverton Rd NE and Sunnyview Rd NE. Project scope is to do interim minor arterial projects using a modified crosHawthorne Ave NE: Silverton Rd NE to Sunnyview Rd NERoads-Bridges$9,810,000$15,988,497
City of SalemIncludedS290Gaffin Rd SEWiden Gaffin Rd to minor arterial standards from Cordon Rd east to western border of the Salem Renewable Energy and Technology Center.Gaffin Rd SE from Cordon Rd SE to SRETCRoads-Bridges$5,300,000$7,882,038
City of SalemIncludedS292Brush College Rd NW: Pedestrian ProjectConstruct missing section (approximately 850 feet) of sidewalk on north side of Brush College Rd NW to Doaks Ferry Rd NW to provide access to Brush College Elementary school from the west.Brush College Rd NW: From Doaks Ferry Rd NW running 850 feet southwest.Bicycle-Pedestrian$1,150,000$1,339,649
City of SalemIncludedS297Marine Drive NW: Hope Av NW to Glen Creek Rd NWProject constructs new collector/minor arterial to the east of Wallace Road along alignment determined by the flood plain. Actual alignment will be determined as part of the Salem Rivercrossing Project. Sections will be constructed by developers as appropHope Av NW extension south to Glen Creek Rd NWRoads-Bridges$16,000,000$19,812,106
City of SalemIncludedS3232nd St NW Bike Corridor - Phase 1First phase to create a corridor for bicycle travel between Rosemont Av NW in West Salem and the Union Street Bridge. Construct the appropriate supporting facility, such as bike lanes, shared lane markings, off-street paths and/or modifying the road to b2nd St NW from Patterson St NW to Murlark Av NW; Union St Bridge Path Extension (along 2nd St right-of-way) from Murlark Av NW to east of Wallace Rd NWBicycle-Pedestrian$7,500,000$10,177,659
City of SalemIncludedS326Cottage St - Bike FacilitiesConvert to two-way with sharrows. From the Central Salem Mobility Study (2012).Cottage St NE from Court St NE to Union St NERoads-Bridges$700,000$1,176,238
City of SalemIncludedS333Summer St NE & Marion St NE Intersection ModificationsRemove southbound right-turn movement from shared lane and remove fourth westbound lane east of Summer St and start it as an add lane for the southbound right-turn movement. From the Central Salem Mobility Study (2012).Summer St NE at Marion St NERoads-Bridges$120,000$195,578
City of SalemIncludedS340Kroc Center PathwayBuild a bicycle/pedestrian connection between Hyacinth St NE and Bill Frey Dr, including a bridge over Claggett Creek. Cost estimate is for the most expensive option (concrete path and bridge).Between Hyacinth St NE and Bill Frey Dr.Bicycle-Pedestrian$1,800,000$2,096,843
City of SalemIncludedS341Hyacinth St Multi-Use PathBuild a bicycle/pedestrian path along the south side of Hyacinth St NE between Salem Parkway and Salem Industrial Drive NE.Hyacinth St NE between Salem Parkway and Salem Industrial Dr NEBicycle-Pedestrian$550,000$896,399
City of SalemIncludedS345Auburn Rd NE: Baldwin Av NE to Cordon Rd NEWiden to collector standards, add bike lanes, drainage and sidewalks. Continuation of M071. Was M011Auburn Rd: Baldwin Dr to Cordon RdRoads-Bridges$2,000,000$2,798,178
City of SalemIncludedS348Fisher Rd - UpgradeOn Fisher Rd NE from Sunnyview Rd NE to Silverton Rd NE widen pavement cross section to accommodate bike lanes and possible parking pockets and construct curbs and sidewalks. Fisher is a collector street. Adding sidewalks and bike lanes on this street iFisher Rd NE from Sunnyview Rd NE to Silverton Rd NERoads-Bridges$4,256,000$5,111,562
City of TurnerIncludedT007Turner Rd: Street UpgradeA 3500 feet half-street urban widening of the eastside of the Turner Rd, including curbs, drainage, planter strip and sidewalks. To be done in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Riverbend mining operation.Turner Rd: 3500 feet between Holly and AhrensRoads-Bridges$1,100,000$1,134,100
Marion CountyCommittedM003Cordon Rd NE: State St to Silverton Rd NEComplete the interconnection of signals between State St and Silverton Rd on Cordon Rd, and install equipment to allow the transfer of video images to Marion County shops and Salem Signal Operations Center.Cordon Rd NE from State St to Silverton Rd NEITS-Signals$328,764$328,764
Marion CountyCommittedM005Lancaster: State to Rickey; Hayesville to SilvertonTraffic signal interconnectLancaster Dr SE from State St to Rickey Ave SE and from Hayesville Rd NE to Silverton Rd NEITS-Signals$230,000$230,000
Marion CountyCommittedM016Cordon Rd NE & Hayesville Dr NEAdd northbound left turn lane, ARTS fundsCordon Rd at Hayesville DrRoads-Bridges$610,000$648,406
Marion CountyCommittedM024Hollywood Dr: Salem City Limits to Silverton Rd NEWiden to collector standards and add new signal at Hollywood Dr at Silverton Rd. (combined with M032).Hollywood Dr from Salem City Limits to Silverton RdRoads-Bridges$3,150,000$3,348,327
Marion CountyCommittedM027Lancaster Dr NE: State St to Monroe St NEReconstruct road, including sidewalk, ADA and access modifications. (see M100 for second part)Lancaster Dr from State St to Monroe StRoads-Bridges$2,625,000$2,790,273
Marion CountyCommittedM030Sidewalk construction: various locations (set 1)Construct sidewalks at various locations - $100,000 per year, or used as match for grants for sidewalk projects.TBDBicycle-Pedestrian$500,000$500,000
Marion CountyCommittedM03645th Av NE: Ward Dr NE to Silverton Rd NEDesign entire project and construct collector standards with bike lanes.45th from Ward Dr to Silverton RdRoads-Bridges$3,550,000$3,550,000
Marion CountyCommittedM042Cordon Rd NE & Kale St NEAdd left turn refuge on Cordon Rd at Kale St. ARTS funded.Cordon Rd at Kale StRoads-Bridges$565,000$600,573
Marion CountyCommittedM073Hayesville Dr NE: Bike and Ped EnhancementsProvide sidewalks, widen bike lanes and add seating areas, lighting and landscaping along Hayesville Dr from Highway 99E to Stephens Middle School, and upgrade the signal at Lancaster Dr.From Salem city limits east of Happy Dr to Salem city limits near Stephens Middle School.Roads-Bridges$5,600,000$5,773,600
Marion CountyCommittedM075Silverton Rd: Little Pudding Bridge ReplacementReplace the Silverton Rd. bridge over the Little Pudding River. The bridge recently had a load limit imposed that restricts the weight of vehicles. Funding through the Federal Highway Bridge Program and ODOT STP-Flex funds.Silverton Rd. at Little Pudding RiverRoads-Bridges$5,600,000$5,600,000
Marion CountyCommittedM086Connecticut St: Bike and PedestrianDesign bike and pedestrian path on west-side. PE Phase in 2020, construction is possible in 2022.Connecticut St: Macleay Rd to Rickey StRoads-Bridges$926,000$1,014,815
Marion CountyCommittedM087Marion County Local Road Roadway DepartureRumble Strips on roads in the SKATS area: Silverton Rd, Orville Rd and Vitae Springs RdSegments of Silverton Rd, Orville Rd and Vitae Springs RdRoads-Bridges$960,000$960,000
Marion CountyCommittedM088Marion County Curve Warning SignsUpgrade and install new curve warning (chevron) signs on curves where warranted (Vitae Springs Rd, Orville Rd and River Rd South)Segments of Vitae Springs Rd, Orville Rd and River Rd SouthRoads-Bridges$287,000$295,897
Marion CountyCommittedM089Cordon Road Centerline Rumble StripsInstall rumble strips in the centerline of Cordon RoadSegments of Cordon RoadRoads-Bridges$246,000$246,000
Marion CountyIncludedM015Cordon Rd NE & Auburn Rd NEAdd traffic signal and widening of intersection for lane channelization on Auburn Rd.Cordon Rd at Auburn RdRoads-Bridges$1,000,000$1,316,218
Marion CountyIncludedM017Cordon Rd NE & Swegle Rd NEAdd traffic signal and turn lanes on SwegleCordon Rd @ SwegleRoads-Bridges$1,000,000$1,399,089
Marion CountyIncludedM018Cordon Rd NE & Ward Dr NEAdd northbound left turn lanesCordon Rd at Ward DrRoads-Bridges$450,000$463,950
Marion CountyIncludedM019Cordon Rd NE & Herrin Rd NEAdd left turn refugeCordon Rd at HerrinRoads-Bridges$450,000$450,000
Marion CountyIncludedM020Hazelgreen Rd at Cordon Rd NE / 55th AveRealign, add turn lanes and signalCordon Rd at Hazelgreen Rd and 55th AveRoads-Bridges$4,000,000$4,804,099
Marion CountyIncludedM022Delaney Rd: Battle Creek SE to TurnerWiden road to county arterial standardsDelaney Road from Battle Creek to TurnerRoads-Bridges$4,250,000$5,104,356
Marion CountyIncludedM026Lancaster Dr NE & Winema Pl NEAdd traffic signal. Developer funded.Lancaster Dr at Winema PlITS-Signals$778,000$1,088,491
Marion CountyIncludedM029River Rd NE & Brooklake Rd NESignalize and realign intersection. Assume 50 percent developer funded.River Rd NE at Brooklake RdRoads-Bridges$2,500,000$3,191,606
Marion CountyIncludedM031Sidewalk construction: various locations (set 2)Construct sidewalks at various locations - $100,000 per year, or used as match for grants for sidewalk projects.TBDBicycle-Pedestrian$500,000$582,456
Marion CountyIncludedM039Brooklake Rd N & Huff AveAdd traffic signal and turn lanes. Assume 50 percent developer funded.Brooklake Rd at Huff AveRoads-Bridges$2,500,000$3,497,722
Marion CountyIncludedM043Cordon Rd NE: Center St NE to Sunnyview Rd NEConstruct to Parkway standards with 4 travel lanes, center turn lane and westside multi-use path, includes upgrade to signal at Sunnyview Rd NECordon Rd from Center St to Sunnyview RdRoads-Bridges$4,600,000$6,435,809
Marion CountyIncludedM046Cordon Rd SE: Center Rd NE to State St SEConstruct to Parkway standards with 4 travel lanes, center turn lane and multi-use path including required signal modifictions. Partially developer funded.Cordon Rd from State St to Center StRoads-Bridges$4,600,000$5,358,598
Marion CountyIncludedM052Lancaster Dr NE & State StCapacity increasing projects to add additional turn lanes. Developer funded.Lancaster Dr at State StRoads-Bridges$1,500,000$2,163,691
Marion CountyIncludedM058Sidewalk construction: various locations (set 3)Construct sidewalks at various locations - $100,000 per year, or used as match for grants for sidewalk projects.TBDBicycle-Pedestrian$500,000$678,511
Marion CountyIncludedM059Sidewalk construction: various locations (set 4)Construct sidewalks at various locations - $100,000 per year, or used as match for grants for sidewalk projects.TBDBicycle-Pedestrian$500,000$790,406
Marion CountyIncludedM070Cordon Road SE & State StModify the intersection to uprade the signal, add NB & SB travel lanes, NB right turn lane, EB & WB travel lanes. Assume 50 percent developer funded.Cordon Road SE & State StRoads-Bridges$3,000,000$3,389,658
Marion CountyIncludedM080Lancaster Dr: Upgrade SignalsUpgrade signals at Lancaster Dr and Hayesville. See also M028 and M081.Lancaster Dr at HayesvilleITS-Signals$750,000$773,250
Marion CountyIncludedM081Lancaster Dr: Upgrade SignalsUpgrade signals at Lancaster Dr and Cooley. See also M028 and M080.Lancaster Dr at CooleyITS-Signals$400,000$412,400
Marion CountyIncludedM082ITS - Overheight Warning SystemAdd an overheight warning system on River Rd S before low clearence railroad bridges.ITS-Signals$350,000$395,460
Marion CountyIncludedM090Cordon Road: Caplinger Road to State StreetConstruct to county parkway standards with 4 travel lanes, center turn lane and a multi-use path including required signal modificaitons at the intersections.Cordon Road from Caplinger Road to State StreetRoads-Bridges$2,500,000$4,465,341
Marion CountyIncludedM091Cordon Road at Center Street: Intersection ModificationsModifications to the intersection including upgrading the signal, adding through lanes and other work as necessary. Assumes 50 percent developer funded.Cordon Road at Center StreetRoads-Bridges$3,000,000$3,948,655
Marion CountyIncludedM092Cordon Road at Silverton Road: Intersection ModificationsModifications to the intersection including upgrading the signal, adding through lanes and realigment.Cordon Road at Silverton RoadRoads-Bridges$4,500,000$5,404,612
Marion CountyIncludedM093Small Bridge ReplacementReplace small bridges at locations to be determined after further study.TBDRoads-Bridges$1,500,000$1,500,000
Marion CountyIncludedM094Brooklake Road: River Road to Huff AvenueWiden to two lanes each direction with turn lanes. Assume 50 percent is developer fundedBrooklake Road: River Road to Huff AvenueRoads-Bridges$4,000,000$5,596,356
Marion CountyIncludedM100Lancaster Dr NE: Monroe St NE to State StReconstruct road, including sidewalks, ADA and access modifications. See M027 for first part of project.Lancaster Dr NE from Monroe St NE to State StRoads-Bridges$2,500,000$2,824,715
Marion CountyIncludedM101Cordon Rd NE: Sunnyview Rd NE to Silverton Rd NEConstruct to county parkway standards with 4 travel lanes, center trun lane and westside multi-use pathCordon Rd NE from Sunnyview Rd to Silverton RdRoads-Bridges$3,500,000$5,704,357
ODOTCommittedO006I-5 Phase IV: Kuebler Interchange to Delaney Rd.Widen I-5 to three lanes in each direction between the Kuebler Boulevard and Delaney Road interchange ramps. Reconstruct Battle Creek Road overpass to allow for widenting of I-5 and standard vertical clearance. Reconstruct northbound and southbound I-5 ovI-5 from Kuebler Interchange to Delaney Rd InterchangeRoads-Bridges$48,000,000$48,000,000
ODOTCommittedO018OR 221 - Michigan City Lane to EdgewaterProject combines a preservation project with Wallace Rd. Pedestrian Crossings which includes: Installation of rapid rectangular flashing beacons and other crossing modifications along Wallace Rd. between Narcissus Ct. and Vick Av. Make systemic modificatWallace Rd. between Narcissus Ct. and Vick Av.ITS-Signals$500,000$531,481
ODOTCommittedO019OR 22W: Access ClosureClose access to OR 22W from a number of driveways located on the north side of OR 22W between Doaks Ferry Rd. and Riggs St. after the realignment of Doaks Ferry described in project P002 is constructed.OR 22W between Doaks Ferry Rd. and Riggs St.Roads-Bridges$557,000$557,000
ODOTCommittedO025Backage Roads (OR 22W)Develop backage roads to the north of OR 22W corridor between the revised alignment of Doaks Ferry Rd. and OR 51. Cost represents amount available for planning and other stages. Listed in the TIP/STIP (key number 13188). Was P003.North of OR 22W between the revised alignment of Doaks Ferry Rd. and OR 51Roads-Bridges$8,200,000$8,200,000
ODOTCommittedO034Center St Bridge - Seismic UpdatesSeismic updates to the Center Street Bridge based on the Seismic Study (2019). Funded by Oregon Legislature via HB 2001 for $60 million.Center Street bridge over the Willamette RiverRoads-Bridges$100,000,000$120,102,485
ODOTIncludedO021Commercial St NE & Marion St BridgeRestripe the through/right lane to a right-turn only lane giving 2 right-turn only lanes onto the bridge. Add curb extensions on the south side of the intersection and improve the northwest corner to facilitate truck turning movements.Commercial St at Marion St NERoads-Bridges$165,000$170,115
ODOTIncludedO022I-5: Traffic SurveillanceInstall a new camera at the Delaney Rd interchange (SB) and upgrade the existing camera (NB lanes) that is south of Enchanted Forest. Signal will be sent to the NW Traffic Operations Center in Salem. Part of a larger project on I-5 between Salem and AlbanI-5 at Delaney interchange and I-5 at Enchanted ForestITS-Signals$157,500$183,474
ODOTIncludedO023I-5: Roadside InformationDisplay real time incident information on roadside Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for drivers to make en route decisions. These DMS signs could also be used to display travel time information when not in use for incident information. Part of a larger projectNB I-5 north of Enchanted Forest. SB I-5 northside of Salem area.ITS-Signals$962,667$1,121,423
ODOTIncludedO024I-5: Variable Speed SignsInstall devices to collect information and new speed limit signs that allow for the speed limit to changed based on real time congestion and weather conditions. Dynamic message signs located on overhead gantries would display the variable speeds. The systIn the SKATS area, gantries would be installed of I-5 at mile posts 248, 249, 250, 251 and 252.ITS-Signals$6,178,571$7,197,495
ODOTIncludedO027I-5: Delaney Road to AlbanyWiden I-5 from Delaney Road interchange south to Albany. Add an additional lane in each direction. Cost estimate is for development work only. Project is in the SKATS area only at ramps for the Delaney Road interchange.I-5 from Delaney Road interchange south to Albany city limitsRoads-Bridges$3,000,000$3,000,000
SAMTDIncludedB009Paratransit FacilityDesign and construct a dispatch and administration facility for the district's paratransit contractor. This will eliminate using operating funds to pay lease costs for these functions.Del Webb Maintenance and Dispatch Facility, SalemTransit$3,184,200$3,184,200
SAMTDIncludedB011Emergency GeneratorInstall an emergency power generator for the Del Webb Maintenance and Dispatch facility.Del Webb Maintenance and Dispatch FacilityTransit$350,000$383,569
SAMTDIncludedB017East Salem Transit CenterBuild a transit center in east Salem to replicate the service offered by transit centers in Keizer, south Salem and west Salem. Currently a placeholder until a planning study provides the details.TBD after planning studyTransit$6,000,000$7,429,540
SKATSIncludedR001Willamette River Crossing CorridorDesign, right-of-way and/or construction for a component identified in the Local Preferred Alternative from the Salem River Crossing EIS.Corridor of the local preferred alternative to be determined by the Salem Bridge EIS project.Roads-Bridges$20,000,000$20,620,000

Description of Table Headings:

  • Sponsor: Primary jurisdictional sponsor of the project
  • Category: A committed project is one that has funding identified (including local match) and will be built within the next five years. The project is typically also in the TIP. Projects that are listed as included have the highest priority to be constructed in the next 20 years, and funding is reasonably anticipated to be available.
  • Key: The key number is used to represent the project on maps. The first field is for the jurisdiction (B=Cherriots, K=Keizer, M= Marion County, O=ODOT, P=Polk County, R=Regional/SKATS, S=Salem, T=Turner)
  • Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Type: Bicycle-Pedestrian, ITS-Signals, Other, Road-Bridges,Transit
  • Cost: Estimated cost of the project is current year dollars. This is subject to change as the project moves from the RTSP to the TIP.
  • Cost (YoE): Estimated cost of the project in Year of Expenditure dollars. This is the cost inflated to the year the project is proposed to be built multiplied by the inflation factor.