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TIP Modification Process

The TIP and STIP are living documents that are subject to updates through a TIP Modification process.  There are four types of TIP modifications:

  1. TIP Amendment Type A – Adding or cancelling a project that significantly affects roadway capacity.
  2. TIP Amendment Type B – Adding or cancelling a federally funded, or regionally significant project (below Type A), major change in project scope or fiscal constraint.
  3. TIP Adjustment – Change to funding that the Policy Committee has discretion in programming, below full amendment level.
  4. Administrative Modification – Minor actions that are not described above, approved at staff level.

Refer to the TIP Amendment Matrix (PDF) for a more detailed description of the types of TIP modifications and a tool to help determine the appropriate modification level.

Amendment TypePolicy Committee ActionODOT ApprovalFHWA/FTA ApprovalPublic Review and Comment PeriodRequires Air Quality Conformity DeterminationAmendment submitted to Staff by
Full Amendment Type AYesYesYes30-daysYes36-days prior to the PC Meeting (fourth Tuesday of the month)
Full Amendment Type BYesYesYes14-daysConfirm with Staff19-days prior to the PC Meeting (fourth Tuesday of the month)
Tip AdjustmentYesYesNoNoneNo12-days prior to the PC Meeting (fourth Tuesday of the month)
Administrative ModificationNoYesNoNoneNoAny time

General procedure for processing amendments:

  • Proposed Modification submitted and reviewed for completeness.
  • Full amendments posted to website for public review (14- or 30-day), public notification sent.
  • IF AQCD is required, appropriate agencies are consulted.
  • Full amendments and TIP adjustments are included in PC agenda packet one week prior to PC meeting.
  • All public and agency comments presented at PC meeting (4th Tuesday of each month, except December).
  • PC action by resolution at PC meeting (4th Tuesday of each month, except December).
  • Staff modifies TIP/STIP, approves amendment and submits to ODOT, typically within one week of PC action, or within one week of receiving an administrative modification which does not require PC action.
  • ODOT approves and submits to FHWA/FTA (if required), typically within 30-days.
  • All approved TIP modifications are included in the following month’s PC agenda packet.
Last updated: 20220824