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Public Participation

The SKATS Policy Committee adopted the revised SKATS 2017 Public Participation Plan (PPP) with Resolution 17-18 on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.  


An extensive public involvement process is associated with each of the major planning, programming, and project decisions made by the SKATS Policy Committee. The SKATS Public Participation Plan (PPP) for the Regional Transportation Planning Process in the Salem-Keizer Urban Area, adopted November 18, 2017, serves as a guide for that process to ensure the ongoing opportunity for broad-based public participation in the development and review of regional transportation plans, programs, and projects.

Getting You From Here to There - SKATS Brochure (2017) This describes the SKATS regional transportation planning process, in relation to transportation planning at the local and state level. Often it is during the development of a transportation systems plan (TSP) for a city or county, or during a planning study for a particular facility that input and suggestions from the public will have the most impact in identifying projects and their planning level design. Projects in the RTSP come from the TSPs of the jurisdictions within the SKATS planning area, and rarely are new projects proposed during the development of the RTSP. This is due to the majority of the projects in the RTSP have been developed and approved by the local jurisdiction’s policymakers and included in their local TSP. Links to the local jurisdictions and organizations in the SKATS area are provided.

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