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Proposed Amendment to SKATS FY 2021-2026 TIP and AQCD

There is a proposed amendment to the SKATS FY 2021-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to revise the scope of the existing project on I-5 from Kuebler Blvd to Delaney Rd to include design for the northbound direction (see Amendment 21-8 PDF).

The Air Quality Conformity Determination (AQCD) (PDF) for the SKATS FY 2021-2026 TIP has been revised due to Amendment 21-8, and is also available for review.

The public review and comment period for the these amendments is open from July 7, 2021 until August 24, 2021. The SKATS Policy Committee will consider these amendments at their August 24, 2021 meeting for adoption.

For more information on these projects, contact Karen Odenthal at 503 540 1608 or