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Proposed Amendments to the SKATS FY 2021-2026 TIP

Two amendments to the SKATS FY 2021 – 2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) are available for public review and comment. Amendment 21-6 (PDF) is to correct the actual apportionment amount received by the Salem Area Mass Transit District (SAMTD) of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5339a Bus and Bus Facilities funds, to revise the naming of the project to meet new guidelines and to slip to FY 2022. The second, Amendment 21-7 (PDF), is to reflect the FTA No-Lo grant award received by SAMTD to purchase electric (EV) buses and charging infrastructure.

The public comment period for these two amendments will be held from July 7, 2021 until July 27, 2021. The SKATS Policy Committee will consider the amendments for adoption at their July 27th meeting held at Noon (and available via Zoom).

For more information on either of these amendments, contact Karen Odenthal at 503 540 1608 or