Transportation Disadvantaged Reports

The Transportation Disadvantaged Reports are produced using data from the U.S. Census to identify areas and populations within SKATS that may experience some level of limitation to convenient, accessible transportation.

The data in these reports is used in the Environmental Justice analysis required for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program. The reports provide information on:

  • Poverty (persons with incomes below the Census defined poverty level)
  • Minority Populations (Hispanic, Black, Native American, Pacific Islander, Asian, or other race)
  • Elderly Populations (aged 65 and older)
  • Youth (age 15 to 17)
  • Disabled (a Visual or Ambulatory Disability, within Age classifications)
  • Limited English households (all members have some difficulty with English)
  • Households with no access to vehicles.

With the 2022 edition, an online interactive map is available to supplement the report. These reports are updated regularly, typically every four years before the update to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

See the interactive corresponding map on the Maps page.