Facilitation Services available to MWVCOG members

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The Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments is pleased to partner with area service providers to offer goal setting facilitation services to our members on a fixed fee basis. These prices are good for the Fiscal Year of 21-22.

Presently, the fees are as follows:

Evening/Half Day (4 hours) $2,000
One Day (8 hours) $3,500
Evening Plus Full Day (10-12 hours) $4,000

We currently have two facilitators under contract:

John Morgan, Morgan CPS Group


Phone: 503-304-9401

Email: john [at] morgancps.com

Website: www.morgancps.com

Sue Diciple, Sue Diciple Group


Phone: 503.287.9345

Email: Sue [at] suediciplegroup.com


If your community is interested in scheduling a goal setting session, please do not hesitate to contact me or you can feel free to reach out to our contracted facilitators directly and let them know you received the above quotes from MWVCOG*.

*If you do schedule goal setting facilitation services, we ask that you let me know of the date and time arranged as we like to send our land use planning consultants or other staff to provide support and serve as a resource for identified needs and priorities that may arise from the goal setting sessions.