Comment on Amendments to the SKATS FFY 2024-29 TIP

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February 13 – February 27, 2024, the Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS) requests public input on three amendments to the federal fiscal year 2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Project details can be found below (click the links below for additional information):


  • Resolution 24-2 Pringle Creek Path Connection (Salem) (Key # 23504): Increase total project cost by $1,553,274 to include local overmatch. Remove Oregon Community Paths funds from Right of Way phase.


  • Resolution 24-3 Oregon Transportation Network – SAMTD FFY22 (Key # 22029): Increase project estimate by $402,236 to match FTA grant allocation amount.


  • Resolution 24-4 Transit Urban (5339) Formula Program 2023 SKT (Key # 21912): Decrease project cost by $481,105 to match actual apportionment. Funding amount listed is out of date.


The SKATS Policy Committee will review this amendment during the February 27, 2024 meeting. Meeting details are available on the SKATS website. Please provide comments to Steve Dobrinich at sdobrinich [at] The comment period will remain open until noon (PST) February 27.