Comment on Amendments to the SKATS FFY 2024-29 TIP

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March 12 – March 26, 2024, the Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS) requests public input on three amendments to the federal fiscal year (FFY) 2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Amendment details can be found below (click the links at the bottom of the page for additional information):

  • Pedestrian Safety Improvement Crossings (Salem) (Key # 21879): The City of Salem is requesting to add $500,000 in local overmatch to cover increased cost estimates. Project crossing locations are being updated to River Rd. N at Riviera Dr. NE, Lancaster Dr. NE at Weathers St. NE, and State St. at 21st St. SE.
  • Northwest Oregon 2024-2027 ADA Curb Ramp Design, Phase 2 (Key # 23029): ODOT is requesting to transfer $2,710,000 from the Preliminary Engineering phase of K23029 (funds reserve) to the Preliminary Engineering phase of K22985. The two projects have the purpose and description. The change is transferring funds from phase 2 to phase 1.
  • Transit Urban (5310) Formula Program 2023 SKT (Key # 21911): SAMTD is requesting to increase the project allocation listed in the TIP by $153,698 ($122,958 Federal; $30,740 local match) to match the actual apportionment. The amount currently listed in the STIP was based on a projection, the actual amount is higher than what was projected.

The SKATS Policy Committee will review this amendment during the March 26, 2024 meeting. Meeting details are available on the SKATS website. Please provide comments to Steve Dobrinich at sdobrinich [at] The comment period will remain open until noon (PST) March 26.