Our Work

As required by federal regulation, SKATS produces three main products that facilitates transportation planning in the area. These are:

  • The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), a 20-year plan for prioritized transportation investments on the regional system. Updated every 4 years (last adopted on May 23, 2023).
  • The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which discusses the near-term (4-year) allocation of federal and state transportation funds to projects.  Updated every 2-3 years (last adopted on May 23, 2023).
  • An annual Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), which details the work undertaken within SKATS, focusing on planning studies (such as facility studies) and programs (traffic modeling and forecasting).  The UPWP was last adopted on May 23, 2023.

Other plans and documents address aspects of the transportation system. These documents are updated as required.

  • With each update to the MTP or TIP, and Air Quality Conformity Determination is performed and documented, as required by Federal regulations. 
  • The Congestion Management Process details the data used to determine the "where, when, how much" of vehicular congestion on the regional system, the strategies that being used within SKATS to address vehicular congestion, and the methods to measure the effectiveness. The CMP was last adopted September 27, 2022. A separate website provides corridor level reports of the vehicular congestion over the years.
  • The Salem Metropolitan Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Plan provides the regional framework for ITS related projects. Last adopted in 2005, the project list has been updated before updates to the long-range transportation plan.
  • The Metropolitan Transportation Safety Action Plan (MTSAP) is under development with adoption anticipated in Spring 2024. More information is available at the project website. Prior to the MTSAP, SKATS produced (and will continue to) the Crash Reports and Facts analysis based on the latest crash information provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Public Involvement and Consultation with other Public Agencies as these plans and documents are developed are addressed in two documents.

  • Consultation Process - provides an overview of how SKATS will engage the public and Federal, Tribal, State, and Local agencies.
  • Public Participation Plan - Focused on public involvement during the updates to the MTP and TIP. 

Other documents are required by Federal regulations, including:

  • Unified Planning Work Program, updated yearly to reflect work anticipated to be undertaken in the following fiscal year.
  • Obligation Report, released yearly to document the projects that had federal transportation funds obligated in a calendar year.
  • Transportation Disadvantaged report, updated before MTP and/or TIP updates to reflect the latest information. Used as part of the Environmental Justice analysis required of each document.