Performance Measures

As part of the 2011-2035 Regional Transportation Systems Plan (RTSP), a number of performance indicators were identified to track progress in meeting the goals and objectives specified in the long-range plan. These indicators were further refined in the update of the RTSP for years 2015-2035 and 2019-2043, in part due to issues with data availability. A number of the indicators were modified to align with the performance measures that were proposed to be introduced as part of MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century – the federal surface transportation legislation passed in 2012). In May 2017 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued the final rules on the federal performance measures to be tracked by the State Department of Transportations, the Transit Districts and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the country. 

The federal performance measures are shown below and will be reported in updates to the SKATS long-range plan. Included in the long-range plan is the required Performance Report (Appendix P, available in Supporting Documents below) that provides a discussion of each of the performance measures, the targets for the current performance reporting period, and the results from the past performance reporting periods. The Performance Report is updated every four years to align with the federal performance reporting periods (2022-2026, 2026-2030 …).

Performance Indicators from the 2023-2050 MTP

  1. Preserve the Existing System
  2. Minimize the Number of Fatalities, Injuries and Collisions on the Regional System
  3. Provide a Multi-Modal System
  4. Maximize the Efficient Use of the Existing System
  5. Reduce the Impact to the Environment and Natural Systems
  6. Limit the Increase in Congestion during the Peak Hours along the Regional Corridors

Federal Performance Measures